My love for baking started many many years ago back in my Mom's kitchen. I was always experimenting and coming up with new recipes to share with my friends and family. After moving to Germany 9 years ago, there were some things that I just could not find in Germany such as American style Sunday brunches and Granola.  It wasn't too long until I started inviting all my friends over for Sunday Brunch. Of course a jar of Granola was always on offer.

Being lactose intolerant since birth, I grew up knowing what it was like to have to cut certain foods cut out of my diet because of how they made me feel. But other than the dairy I never really give too much thought about the quality, or types of food I ate. It wasn’t until I got older and got more serious into my sports training that I realized how nutrition really played a big role in how I looked and felt. I started eating more fresh whole foods, focusing more on organic and slowly cut out all highly processed foods from my diet.

With this focus, I wanted to to understand more about the foods I ate and how they effects the body. I started studying nutrition and became certified as a holistic life and nutrition coach. Over time with many diet changes, It wasn't until I cut out gluten that I realized that I was also gluten intolerant. Sadly that meant that I could not eat my granola anymore.

It wasn't until one day my boyfriend needed something to fuel his training, that granola came back into my life. I wanted to make him something nutrient dense,  high in protein, fiber, and energy to help fuel his trainings that wasn't full of sugar, refined oils or any other junk he didn't need.  That is when I started to bake granola again and my recipe for gluten free granola was born.

My number one fan, He thought it was so good, he said I should start selling it. Looking around the market, I realized there was nothing like real American style granola that was also gluten free, low in added sugar, and not using refined vegetable oils. I started making small batches of granola and selling it to friends, and soon after, Courtney's Kitchen was born

Now my focus is on creating healthy batches of Granola to share with you too! But be warned, it is addictively delicious!

In my spare time, I compete in power lifting for the German Masters Team and You can find me walking around the neighborhood with my fur baby Bentley the Newfoundland.


xx, Courtney