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Bet you can't eat just one, gluten free chocolate chip cookies

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Have you ever found yourself craving some cookies, but needed a recipe that is gluten free, diary free and delicious, finding yourself spending so much time scanning a bunch of pins or the internet looking for the perfect cookie recipe, that you could have baked 2 recipes in the time that it took you to find one? Oh and did we mention that the recipe also should be a recipe that even your non-gluten free friends and family will enjoy? Well look no further, I've got you covered.

My poor boyfriend has been the taste tester of many recipes. He can eat gluten and dairy so anything I make always seems to be a bit of a compromise. Good, but not as good as say normal flour and butter and sugar. So when I create a recipe he actually requests I make again, I know I've found a winner.

A bit of a warning, I am not vegan so these cookies are not vegan friendly as they use eggs, and as I was trying to win over the audience, I used raw sugar over the normal date sugar, coconut sugar substitutes. You can sub or reduce the sugar and eggs in the recipe, but it will effect the texture and taste.

I had been playing around with cassava flour (maniokmehl) that I wanted to use up, and had been playing around with several versions until I found the right combination of cassava flour plus gluten free flour. This recipe is super easy, and can be mixed and baked within 30 min. I used my kitchen aid mixer, but you can mix by hand no problem.

Warning before you bake! These cookies are so good, it's impossible to eat just one!


120g gluten free baking flour (I used Bauckhof Bio Mehl-Mix Kuchen, glutenfrei )

60g cassava (maniokmehl) flour - (I used maniokmehl by Ruut)

50g rohzucker (demerara)

50g brown sugar (you can double the rohzucker if you don't have brown sugar)

1tspn baking soda

1tspn vanilla extract

1/8tspn Himalayan pink sea salt

30g coconut oil melted

2 medium eggs

3/4 cup ~ dark chocolate chips (add more if you like more chocolate in your cookies)

preheat oven to 180ºC

If mixing by hand, with a whisk, gently mix all dry ingredients in one bowl (not including chocolate), and in a second bowl, whisk together wet ingredients until will blended.

add wet ingredients to dry, mix together with a spoon until blended, add chocolate chips until the mixture forms a dough and the chips are mixed throughout.

If using a kitchen machine, add all dry ingredients to the bowl in order, mix lightly, then add the remaining ingredients until a dough is formed

with a cookie scoop or a spoon, scoop out cookies onto a lined baking sheet.

Press the cookie dough down to flatten the cookie, otherwise they will bake rounded.

Bake for 12-15 min depending on cookie size and oven, rotating the pan once during baking, until cookies are golden brown in color.

Once the cookies are ready, take out of the oven and let cool on a cooling rack, and enjoy!

recipe makes about 16 small cookies.

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